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ER Solutions collection agency


I need your help again!

I want to know if I am maybe overreacting and getting myself in a huff over nothing.

I received a letter addressed to me except there was one letter off of my real name.

My name is Alex Jin…the letter was addressed to Alex Jins, same address as mine, so I opened it.

It is from a collection agency. I immediately thought I may have had forgotten to pay a bill and it went to collections. It said I owed $305.55 but they would settle for $155.28

Upon further reading, the original creditor was a cable company called Cablevision Morris. I have never lived anywhere except Essex County NJ. There is a Morris County in Jersey but I never lived there.

I knew this was not my bill. So I called the 800 number and asked for the person listed on the letter. He was not in so explaned to the young lady that my name was Jin and not Jins and I received a letter asking me to submit $155.28. She asked me if my social ended in **** I said no, it did not. She said, okay, just throw it away. I wanted more of an explanation. I said if I had been an elderly person or a person under a lot of stress because of bill collectors and I sent in the money on a bill that did not belong to me, would they return it? She said yes! How on earth do they know I am the right person? What if they mass mailed out bills to all the Alex Jin’s/ Jins’ or whatever’s and they received multiple checks? There is no place on the bill asking to confirm a SS# or any other way of knowing that the check was actually from the right person. See my point? Also, what if someone is using my name and a different SS#?

Isn’t that something I should look into? She was very rude and hung up on me so I called her back. She transferred me to another lady and she wanted to know what my problem was and why was I harassing them!!! I wanted their main number in Washington State so she gave me a bogus phone number. I called her back and asked for a real number, she said I had to call information and get the number. I did get the number from information, but no one answered the phone. Should I just drop it?

Thanks in advance.