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I’m sorry to disagree with some of you

I’m sorry to disagree with some of you, but I could not vote for a person who wants to put a gun to my head to take my money to give to someone else. I have my own financial woes, though I should not. But I have heard Doctors call Dave Ramsey about their debt and them making over $250k. I (my wife & I) created our mess and it is our responsibility to get out of it, not the Government’s.

Among the legislative pieces that really need to be changed is:

Why shold cc A raise your rate because you were late to cc B? ; Stiffer penalties on any creditor or collection agencies for violating the law & Why should car/housing insurance companies be allowed to use you FICO score to determine rates? The latter I have been beating my state reps up on for the past 2 years.

Keep in mind, that Terry McCauliff – former DNC Chairman – turned $100k into $18 million in what was far worse than Enron. BTW, Hillary also profitted from Terry’s ‘coaching.’

Who put a gun to your head? Nobody ever put one to my head.

Dave Ramsey filed for bankruptcy protection around twenty years ago, thereby asking for the governments help. I see no shame in asking for help if you need it.

You absolutely have a right to your opnions and I admire people who are willing to stand up and speak their opnion.

What many people do not understand when they state that medical, college, retirement, or whatever someone wants to add to the equation is free in some countries is the misundertanding of the word FREE. None of it is free, someone is paying and the puzzle becomes, ‘who is paying?’ Watching the travel channel over the weekend, they talked about the little country of Monaco makes so much money off the tourist trade and casinos, that they offer free medical care to the country’s subjects (Monarchy – means subjects). But even that money is coming from the tourists and gamblers.

Here in the US, money from the goverment is being borne by taxpayers in the form of income tax. The best thing we can do here is eliminate the IRS and replace it with the Fair Tax. Then the rich will truly pay more and the poor will have better benifits. The Dems will never give up this power and few republicans are either, though it is picking up steam.

When it comes to filing bankruptcies, that loss is not absorbed by the companies, it is passed on to other comsumers. Call it pride if you want, but I do not believe in making someone else pay for my decisions. Before someone goes off about not ‘deciding’ to get sick, that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the decision to get into debt to begin with. No one twisted my arm, I made that decision myself and it is my responsibility to pay it off.

I already stated that I believe there should be some reform in the credit industry, but business are in business to make money. They will attempt to make it anyway they can.

One final thought, the framers of the Constitution did not set out to necessarily protect and serve the individuals, but the population as a whole; and one of their first priorities was national defense.