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Barclay… hard nosed twits..

I wrote to Barclay asking if could lower the interest, reminding them of how good I’ve always been except for that one problem in December.

They said they can’t lower the interest. I wrote again, asking them to review, as I know thay have greater power than that.

They wrote back today:

“We realize that circumstances arise which may cause you to make a returned payment on your account such as the case with your payment for %40.00 that was posted to the account on 1/10/15, However, as part of the terms and conditions in your customer Agreement, if a payment is received late, your payment is not honored by your bank, or you exceed your credit line, the rate will be removed and default APR will be applied.

Your current APR is a variable rate of 26.24% for the balance. We are not able to reapply the original APR.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our customer service at 1-888-232-0780, between 6 am and 2 am EST, seven days a week.”

I had called CS already to find them as hard nosed and unbending as this is.

So my good for all that time is wiped by one.

I just want to bawl. Others get 14% when they call, But it seems I get no help from these @$$h**es.

One lousy error and they strip us. I hate them and all card companies.

I know how you are feeling. There have been many times when I did just lay down and bawl because I felt so helpless. Fight back! Write to your representatives and tell them your experience. Write to newspapers and blogs and any place else you can.

If the representatives put you on their mailing list and ask you for money with a self addressed stamped envelope then use that envelope as an opportunity to tell your story again!


It may seem like a waste of time, but I believe we all need to speak out about how these co’s treat people.

It doesn’t make any sense when a person is trying to repay a debt and makes one mistake to be held hostage by this co because you are unable to pay the full balance.

Does that bring back old memories! Hey—-start now paying them off! Get rid of them as fast as you can! Good riddance to them!

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