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At the risk of being political on the blog here

Don’t you think it’s time for A CHANGE IN THE USA????

The only way we’re going to get some of these things to change is to get legislators in office who care about people like us, not the profits of the credit card companies.

Voting in your Democratic candidate in November might be a first step.

Thanks for letting me say that.

Good idea. I’m going to print a few copies of my stories out today. This has to be done.

It is ridiculous, the returned payment was only $40.00 it isn’t like I stopped paying it, or was intentionally skipping out on the tab…. Just last month and this I have paid almost $250.00 and have another payment scheduled for $120.00 next week. I’ll keep paying extra every payday to be rid of this stupid company.

I’m glad you are going to fight back by telling your story. Do you get CNN? If so, check out “In The Money” on Sat afternoon. Repeated Sunday. They always have a question of the week. You can go to thier webiste to reply. Sometimes they ask a question about credit cards.

I had a portion of a note I sent them read on the air. It was long. It would probably taken half the show to read the whole note! LOL! The host of the program, Jack Cafferty is no fan of the CC co’s and the dirty tricks they play.

The CC co’s call all these charges penalty fees, but I have to wonder just how much penalty is enough? If a person can’t get caught up after they have had thier interest raised and very possibly went over the limit because of that, therby creating another fee and then have that amount added to compound interest it’s no wonder they are caught in a spiral of debt.

There are criminals in this country who get much less punishment for bad crimes than the punishment some debtors recieve from these CC Co’s who keep them in debtors prison with fee after fee because they can’t pay off a balance!

It isn’t fair when you are faithfully paying that they will not lower your interest. Maybe they will like the negative publicity you will give them by your letters! LOL!