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Down-payment when financing through a CU

It is always better to have money to do a down payment. But, the last car was on a whim and I did not and I have a CU. Call and ask them what the difference would be for the two different loan amounts for what ever you can put down.

my son [ 20 ] just financed a car with a credit union. he was not a member thereof. he is a member at another/different one [ totally different, not just a different branch !!!]

anyhow they financed it and he did have a down payment. then a week later the carsalesman called him and now he owes another 600 for a downpayment, since [ appearently ] they do the financing/ downpaymant on a sliding scale.

I have no clue beyond this, since he did this on his own, with my inlaws support. i was not privvy to info and just heard about this in passisng.

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