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Home improvement loan

Hallo ,

our house is paid for a while now . during the bad hurricane season we had the eyes of 3 hurricanes go over our house . we have roof damage and need to replace the roof .

does anybody have a suggestion to a good home equity lender ??? any good suggestions what to look for ??

i would appreciate any help and maybe phone numbers ???

thanks !

Good luck with this. I have a great deal of equity in my house and was trying to get a home equity loan from Wells Fargo with whom I have banked for nearly 30 years – NO DICE!

Yeesh! My fella and his CU cc got JUNIPER and CompUSA done off me. I’ve only to pay HIM. Good! His 12% interest per year will be easier to handle here. He says $150.00 a month is fine by him, and that is a little under half of what I would have had to pay them separately.

He and I both see CHASE and Capital One going the way of BOA/MBNA

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