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House Fires and Financial “Fires”

As a New Yorker, I’d like to update the poster who joked about the “guy who set fire to his house so his wife wouldn’t get it in a divorce settlement.” He didn’t set fire to the house; he blew it up.

And innocent people were injured, at least one very seriously. His wife may get less money than you think, because the injured and inconvenienced are likely to sue the heck out of the estate. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that there’s no gain in lashing out at real or perceived injustices. In a financial dilemma – lost job, cancelled account, usurious APR, etc. – we’ve got to focus on the future and act constructively. Of course. few in this group need a reminder, since (from what I’ve read) most of us are doing exactly that.

I wasn’t joking about it. I am sorry if you thought I was. I realize it was/is a very serious matter. I knew he blew it up and it resulted in a fire.

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