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Re: ER Solutions collection agency

I had friends who told me several years ago that these heartless, greedy collection agencies just phish (to use an email term) information and will take a chance that someone will pay the bill since it is from a collection agency.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was getting these from an agency and the original creditor was someone with whom I never dealt. I sent a letter to the collection agency and have not heard anything back.

Biggest question here is – DID YOU GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFO LIKE YOUR SS#?

If you did not, breathe easy and be angry. If you did, contact the authorities and see if it is a legit company. There are many similar scams.

Now, to the other piece. I would not bet they would return a dime had you actually sent the money. That is also a scam used by collection agencies. However, you have a legal right to send a letter demanding they prove you owe the debt. That usually scares them off right away.

I once had a big fight with Bellsouth over what turned out to be my bill, but they had a hard time convincing me. That sounds like Cablevision Morris. They’re my cable company and I have nothing nice to say about them. All screwed up in their office too.

No, I didn’t give them any info. Her first question to me was “what is your phone number” Hah! If she only knew what I just went through with IC Systems to stop them from calling me! I said you don’t have it and I am not giving it to you.

I know it is not my debt. Thank God! But I feel for all the other people with similar names that may send them a check. What a scam! Is it legal to just send mass mailings without the absolute correct info on the person owing the debt??

ER Solutions (now Convergent) is a legit company, and like any third party creditor, they are typically less than personable. I joined this group to try and answer questions that I may be able to. My name is Mike and I work in the debt settlement industry….

Hello all, and please feel free to ask any questions that you might want assistance with.

I have a question for you… Do you believe there should be a law that debt collectors need to inform people that they are charging interest and what amount that interest is? I did not know a thing about debt collectors when I was contacted by one 2 years ago. I didn’t know one should ask a lot of questions before making any payment arrangments. I didn’t even know they could charge interest !

I could not pay the balance they asked for so set up monthly payments. They said they were going to send me a satement every month which they failed to do. I got suspicious and starting asking questiosn which they refused to answer. Finally after sending this agency a total of $1700 I get a response from them “oh, you’re not getting out of debt, you are getting farther in debt. It was quite devastating to find out the $1700 did not affect my balance at all as far as reducing the debt. I was getting deeper in debt with this agency. They knew when I agreed to these monthly payments what was going on. I think it was not only unethical to not tell me , it was downright dishonest.

I hope I will never have any contact with a collection agency again. If I have that misfortune, they can take me to court. None of them will ever get another dime from me. I would much rather deal with a judge.

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