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To All of us’ Scarlet O’haras’

Loved those comments about “I will never go hungry again’. Just finished the 13 week Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey and words fail me.” When the student is ready the teacher appears.” I first heard about him thru this website and I am a changed woman. I am still 13k in credit card debt plus 7k in a hell loan and a 60 k mortgage and even had to totally spend my 1k ER account to repair my car after a traffic accident. ” But now I know the deal.” Your wonderful discussions and insight are just gravy but this Scarlett sez, “Keep the cheese I want out of the trap”!

I’m looking thru new eyes- the fellow employee who cashed out her 401k for ‘moving expenses’ last week- shes 30 something, the 50 plus coworker working tons of overtime for manicures, jewelry, vacations- in terrible health, smokes like a fiend saying’ What retirement? Uncle Sam will pay”. The other worker with nonstop 4.00 lattes from Starbucks every day when we have an employee coffee pot free sitting right behind me.You get the picture- and that is EXACTLY how I was about 2 years ago. (just didn’t smoke) Just wanted to add my 2 cents and love to read all your’ in the trench’ wisdom.

Best wishes for your future, and hang in there! I like what you’ve said – it takes that kind of determination, and I finally have it, too. I think one that really inspired me was a comment by a member of another group – she said that people mistakenly think that power is the illusion of money – credit cards, financed possessions, etc. But real power is actually having MONEY IN THE BANK. I have kept that in my mind always – it’s so true.

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