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Without a doubt, nothing is ever free

It’s a matter of priorities, however, and I don’t think that anyone minds paying taxes if they agree with how they’re spent. Like yourself, many people like myself see our government’s money squandered to protect special interests and to make corrupt rich people richer and even more corrupt. This is just simply wrong in a country that purports to exist for the people.

I’m not sure what a “fair tax” is and one may not exist, but this country did extremely well for all of its people all the while the highest rates were 70 to over 90 percent. The recent tax breaks for the top have largely gone straight out of the country and it’s unheard of to cut taxes during a war. By any measure it’s stealing from the little guy to give to the rich. There was never a “trickle down” and it’s one of the reasons so many people are hurting. Give a break to the people, not as a handout they way the rich and the mega corporations get it but in the form of a low interest loan or grant for education, and we’ll spend more at the corner store. One of the best investments this country ever made in itself was the G.I. bill which educated millions of people. My brother wouldn’t have his PhD otherwise. Who has such vision in today’s government? It’s every man for himself now.

Oh, in my case, my debt is due to being a business owner who ran a successful company for thirty years until this administration demolished the local economy. I sell a lot to other businesses and most of my customers have been hurt, bankrupted or moved out of the area. As a result, I’ve had to lay off many people and downsize to the point where my wife and I work for free just to make minimum payments on our secured business loans and my daughter may never finish college. Certainly, it’s people like ourselves whom the framers had in mind when they began this experiment. Meanwhile, I know a fellow who never worked a day in his life who’s spending his inheritance windfall millions to purchase a Czechoslovakian jet for himself. Sales of foreign made private jets and yachts have experienced staggering growth the last few years. What’s wrong here?

This is not the land of opportunity any more unless you’re a poor immigrant who had it even worse elsewhere. “The Economist” recently reported a study that showed that the US is one of the worst places in the industrialized world to change one’s standard of living through hard work, so pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps is now more a myth than ever. Even with their socialist tax rates, there’s a better chance of getting ahead in Sweden or Finland than here because their priorities tell them to reinvest their taxes in people. These days, you have to either be lucky or corrupt to get ahead in the USA.

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